One of my main goals is to help people to improve their life through education and physical activity.

Over the last years since I started my first degree I have worked in many placements and experienced several environments mainly relating to sports management, education, social work and the leisure industry. If I reflect on those years I realise how much I learnt about life and I thank myself for being intrepid enough to follow my dreams beyond the line of resignation and conformity. Too much emphasis on conformity can bring dullness to a group of people.

I have always tried to avoid taking things for granted, and work hard, knowing that we will always learn from people and particular experiences more than we do from degrees and formal education. I am also enthusiastic to learn more and share what I am already carrying in my skill-set. Life is short and we have to take the most of it. I am inspired by the way Education can change lives, and as an active and responsible person I like to be at the cutting edge. I can adapt to new situations. I am an extrovert person and I like to work as a part of a team, but I do not hesitate to work alone and I have the courage to make important decisions.

I live in Catalonia a western Mediterranean region of Europe, with a population of 7,5 million. I have my residence in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, near Barcelona. Exploring the world and  experiencing other cultures has always been one of my main aims in life, so I tried to enroll myself to any initiative that allow me meeting new people.

Physical activity it has always been one of my passions. I like doing climbing, triathlons, orienteering, tamburello and many other sports. In fact I have always been involved in sports since I was a little kid and I started running across the fields and jumping into the swimming pool. When I have a chance I like to volunteer and get involved in the organisation of major international sporting events. 



Painting and music are my cultural favourite hobbies along with photography as they help me to connect with my inner mind. Over the years I tried to save time for creativeness and I have started the creation of a series of stories with my sister in order to promote critical thinking, democratic values and historic approach to children.