I like to get involved in projects and promote initiatives
to enhance education across the world.


It's more than rackets and balls





"It's more than rackets and balls" it's a leisure and educational program which aims to promote a cooperative side of physical education and sport. The program was developed in collaboration with  Acadèmia Sánchez-Casal in order to fulfill young tennis players leisure and educational expectations within the organisation. Besides, the initiative seeks to enhance interpersonal relationships among students and celebrates the discovery of new motorskill realities by using new sports and generates social and emotional support.


BTTEA it's part of Dinamiks projects which wants to open up biking opportunities for kids with autism and other conditions in an out-of-school club settlement. Besides biking, there are other educational opportunities related to basketball and padel that have already been developed. Thanks to its experience with inclusive environments, Inncredu actively participates of this project by elaborating intervention patterns, communication tools and aiming to create training material in order to spread the initiative among physical education teachers and other educational professionals. 



Estiu Endansa

Estiu Endansa is a summer time integrative educational project which aims to bring dance to kids and youngsters from 8 to 16 years old. During the summer camp students are delighted with creative dance workshops in natural environments, acrobatics, sporting activities and cooperative based initiatives. Students learn to get along respecting nature throughout movement and dance. The dance workshop helps to create a show that it's presented to familiy, friends and general public at the end of the stay. The project has been developed by Nàdia PesarradonaAnna Fontanet i Mireia Piñol. Inncredu has an active participation in the project by developing the educative guidelines and facilitating cooperative leisure activities and teambuilding dynamics within the educational intervention. 



Proyecto E

Physical education teachers and recently licensed trainees exchance group who are looking for progressively establishing a new way of facilitating the subject across the board. One of the main aims is to promote SEL (social and emotional learning) outcomes, but also neuroscience principles and QPE (Quality physical education) when delivering PE. On the other hand there is a shared vision on increasing the number of actions that helps PE to be seen as a cross curricular subject. I joined the initiative on January 2015 in order to fulfill one of my main motivations; learn new ways of implementing a holistic PE curriculum.


FIEP New Leaders




FIEP (Fédération Internationale d'Éducation Physique) program set for encouraging new academic research on Physical Education across Europe and worldwide. I am currently acting as a FIEP New Leaders Europe Vicepresident alongside  the president Grabriel Luptakova Olosova. This program is integrated by several phd. students across Europe and I started as a member of this program after developing a study based on QPE (Quality Physical Education); called QPE in Catalonia, promise and reality: a European regional perspective. The overall purpose of the study was to assess the factual implementation of QPE principles in school placements, following the theoretical patterns currently established by many institutions and in order to disseminate the principles among PE teachers and training institutions. A poster based on the study was presented at the 10th FIEP European Congres, 1st Afro-European Conference on PE, Rabat, Morocco, November 2015

"En Volem 5!"

"En Volem 5!" was a project which wanted to revise school sports competition alongside the "OMET Sant Cugat" renewal strategy. The original idea was created by Inncredu, Jordi Moncusí and Sergi Solivelles who took over the task of creating the logo. This proposal aimed at incorporating values into the school competition and was shaped after other proposals such as  "Juga Verd Play" from C.E. del Baix Llobregat. "En Volem 5!" open up the participation of parents and coaches in evaluating students sporting values behaviour. The proposal had a very good acceptance and was adopted by C.E. del Vallès Occidental-Terrassa that is currently using it as a competition system throughout all its school leagues. 



Atlas of European Values



European Citizenship program based on  Educational interventions in several European colleges in order to promote and improve citizenship values towards Europe. The initiative is open to several educational institutions across Europe. The principal objective is to promote knowledge about three topics: European Identity, Europe and Democracy and European Values and recap pupils' view on them. The education intervention linked with geography principles help teachers to adapt future cross- curricular interventions and is supported by International Education organisation and Comenius European Program.

Dalton Project

Dalton project is a new educational approach created and implanted in Holland that recalls on pupils' capacity to generate their own learning path. It is based on fives fundamental values responsibility, cooperation, eficacy, autonomy and reflection. One of the main novelties of the initiative is to allow students to decide how to occupy their own time during certain periods allocated in the school's timetable and supervised by a chosen teacher. After having my first experience with the project at Maurick College (Vught, Holland), I will come back next year in March to take part in several PE and Geography lessons taught following these principles.


Quatre i el Cabu


Quatre i el cabu is a professional enterprise jointly developed with Teampartners in order to support values, sport and culture through leisure and physical activity. The main objective is to create fun activities that have their own learning objectives linked with everyday and close realities. The initiative has three independent products: l'Esport del dia a dia, Enrecorda't and Recordl·lecta. Each of them has been performed as part of larger events in Catalonia; gathering people together.