From Physical Education to Sport Management I can offer a range of services.



Educational interventions with pupils with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)


Giving tools to improve child's autonomy in familiar and unfamiliar surroundings „
„Creating intensive interaction programmes to enhance pupil's communication strategies.
Presenting sensory modulation approaches to „adequate child's reaction to social situations.
Implementing sensory circuits in schools to optimise pupil's learning opportunities.
Developing leadership programmes and lilefong strategies for a better future social integration.


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Educational interventions with pupils in need (Social Exclusion)


Developing leadership programmes for professional training and future work experience.
Improving social intergration through sporting programmes and lifelong strategies.
„Helping to gain emotional control through Emotional Physical Education patterns
Implementing Neuro EF initiatives for an integral health enhancement.
Enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence through Phyisical Activity Programmes.


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Supporting PE teachers for the implementation of Quality Physical education plans and inclusive programs.


Promoting media campaigns and academic dissemination about QPE among PE Te„achers
Helping to adequate PE sessions for the enhancement of motor exercise during lessons.
Developing leadership programmes adapted to Physical Education as a common thread.
„Generating PE plans to promote transversal competencies across subjects and into Education.
Establishing an inclusive curriculum view in order to enhace equity among students. 

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Implementing English CLIL programmes related to Physical Education.


Adapting Physical Education plans and other physical activity initiatives to english in order to implement a CLIL programme that enhances pupils opportunities to learn a foreing language. The service compromises the whole process, from the initial deployment of the planning to regular meetings to supervise lesson implementation, as well as specific sporting language adaptations and translations. Physical Education teachers will have a reliable support to introduce a PE curriculum based on their own one, regardless their level of english.

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Offering talks and conferences for the implementation of specific Physical Education initiatives.


The aim of this service is to promote general knowledge about Physical Education initiatives to adapt the subject to several pupil realities; from disabilities to social exclusion background realities, as well as other particular needs that may arouse in the future. At the moment I am facilitating talks on physical education adaptations for pupils with autism and easy ways of implementing Quality Physical Education principles during lessons; without needing to change the whole lesson planning packet. The conferences introduce practical examples in order to help the audience to experience the propposal.

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Facilitating physical activity and leisure programs for children, youth, adults and elderly population.


As part of a healthy style of life I collaborate with a number of organisations in order to promote phyiscal activity initiatives for different groups age. In addition I am promoting leisure activities with the same population targets but with an easygoing approach. The activities range from gymnastic sessions, supporting sporting events, doing exceptional interventions in schools and generating team building activities for different types of organisations. Regardless the type of activity planned, there is always a documentation with aims, expected outcomes and clients participation to support the intervention.

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